Award-Winning Cloud Platforms

High End, Innovative and Flexible. 


Award-Winning Cloud Platforms

Award-Winning Cloud Platforms to cover your technology needs with the most efficient way.

In the Cloud, Safe, Reliable and Flexible!

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The ERA of SMS, Voice, Viber, and e-mail marketing is in your hands! Flexy and fast, our Innovative & Award-Winning Cloud platform will cover all your needs.

Premium Route SMS

Send your SMS with premium route! Premium route guarantees delivery to the mobile, with the preferred ID. You can schedule your SMS, make them reply-able, use variables, store your lists online, create group, get extensive delivery report of your campaigns and much much more…

Voice Messages

Use FlexySMS Voice marketing platform to advertise, inform, vote or thank your audience. Our system provides you with hundreds of options. Send scheduled voice calls, promotions or voting. With FlexySMS you can create rules so that your customers can choose anything with the press of a number on their phone! For example they may press 1 and they will be connected to your customer service! Simple, isn’t it? You can setup pressing 2 to vote or ask to be called back. Or a number to get them removed from the calling list. Fully customizable and… totally Flexy! All these and much more in the lowest prices ever.. Much cheaper than a normal call!

E-mail Campaigns

Send your e-mail campaigns faster and more reliable than ever! FlexySMS e-mail campaign cloud platform provides you with the best ways ever to send your e-mail campaigns. Make your own template and store it in your account so you can use it later, or select one of the hundreds pre-made templates to send your newsletter. With FlexySMS e-mail campaign platform, newsletters and customer engagement was never easier and reliable.


Dencerity provides high-class dedicated & cloud servers. Having collaboration with the best data centers, we provide extremely fast servers and fulfill the most demanding requirements.

Dedicated & Cloud Servers

Dencerity provides the fastest and most reliable dedicated and cloud servers across Europe, Asia and USA. As we design data-centers of the biggest telecom providers in Europe and Asia, we can provide you with the latest state-of-the art technologically systems, with extremely fast internet connections, in the best price ever!

Cloud Backup Solutions

DigiXenia provides extremely fast backup solutions for your data. With 256bit encryption, and only you having the encryption key, your data are extremely safe. Ask us for more details and we will provide you with the best solution to safely cover your needs.


Nasify is the new Era of files storage. In the past, your data were stored in your own data center and were most of the times vulnerable due to power fails, lack of security due to network or area access etc. Nasify is the solution to these problems! Your data are stored in the cloud, safe and encrypted with 256bit encryption. Additionally, data transfer between cloud and your side is encrypted. Your data are extremely safe and also backed up in several locations, always encrypted. Additional options is the “never delete” policy and much more! Just ask us.


Keeping your data on the cloud, on all these providers that promise encryption but they keep your keys, is like installing the most secure door at your home, but keeping the key under the doormat.

Extreme Encryption for your Files

Keeping your files in the cloud – always together with you – and with Military Grade encryption has never been simpler. With UpCrypted, not only can you securely keep your files, you can also create, edit and review documents from anywhere.

Who has your key?

You only have the Encryption key, none else, not even us! UpCrypted helps you keep your files extremely secure.

Isn't my current Cloud safe?

Many cloud providers promise encryption. They really have it. But they also keep your private key! It’s like you have the best and most secure door installed at your house, but you keep the key under the doormat.
In UpCrypted, you only have your private key! So, it’s really impossible even for us to decrypt and see your files!

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